Stephen K Amos, The Feelgood Factor

Lol!!!! Yip, that was money well spent… went to the show on Monday night,  and it was stupid funny. Here’s the full skinny:

Director :   N/A

Starring :   Stephen K Amos

Website :    http://www.chortle.co.uk/comics/s/200/stephen_k_amos

Review :     Before I begin, I must mention how me and B half ran to the venue suspecting we’d be locked out if we arrived on African time – I must admit, it was my paranoid self bossing the troops – and we were totally out of breath, too knackered to even have a pre-show cig, only to discover hords of people still arriving, strolling, all cool, calm and collected. Inside, people were in the bar, chilling, relaxing, whilst typically, we only had enough for a bottle of water that barely quenched our thirst.  I think you get the picture…

It was welcome, as well as impressive, to find the Music Hall filled to capacity – ok that’s like a 1000 odd people but it’s a black comedian in Aberdeen and all the seats WERE filled, respect! I must complain on behalf of B though, as she got stuck with a seat right behind a pillar… can u believe?!

Opening the show was some chap called Seann Walsh who seemed a bit random to me. I admit he made me laugh a bit  but, I think because the show was at it’s infant stage, there was this element of ”who’s going to laugh first, who’s going to laugh out loudest, will I get singled out if I do or don’t” and, in the end, the pressure made everybody just laugh out awkwardly, but surprisingly, all at the same time! Seann looked a mess, and his style was scruffy… started slow and had to work hard to get any good feedback from the audience. His jokes were populated with references to alcohol, drunken behaviour, Scottish social issues, etc. They were some pretty standard rumblings; not only did he rely heavily on foul langauge but he also kept bashing himself with the microphone – nuff said.

In stark contrast, Stephen K Amos stepped out rocking his trademark silver suit and really fired up the crowd by dancing onto the stage to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, complete with all the motions you’d expect from a Destiny’s Child – funny but not pretty. The comedian laid out his plan from the beginning , informing the audience that the show had no theme nor plot, it was all about having a right laugh and feeling good… for the most part, he stuck to it. He jumped off the stage and got to know certain unsupecting members of the audience a litlle better; they were later to become the focal point of a barage of jokes throughout the show. There was a 22 yr old who’d come with his mom and Stephen made it clear that that wasn’t cool – anymore; then there were 4 geeks – a biology student, a chemistry student and two college kids who were forced to break dance for the crowd, again to Single Ladies; and, of course, you had the late comers who shuffled and climbed over a whole row of people before realising they were in the wrong row – cue verbal onslaught.

He tore at the big “lego blocks and tiles” that had been used to build the granite city, the backward nature of his previous tour stop – Perth, and the Scottish accent of course – this was hilariously compounded by his use of crazy facials and the audience verifying his jokes by taunting him in thick Aberdonian accents and associated lingo, duh!

Amos was effortless in successfully creating an atmosphere that inspired everyone to feel good; the level of personal interaction made the show seem tailored almost exclusively for Aberdeen or even just those in attendance e.g. the time we collectively pranked the guy who went to the loo. He managed to weave together, classic gags, African and Caribbean accents, South London type annoyances such as “you get me blood”, and bouts of laughing at himself, into a warming kaleidoscope of funnies. It was a good end to the weekend and a damn good start to the week, way to end my Monday!

Amos wrapped up with a cheesy moral and the cheeky announcement of The Stephen Amos Show – a 6 x 30 minute comedy series to be aired on BBC 2 later this year. He always did say that this moment would only materialise if Lenny Henry took a bow, and with Lenny now doing Premier Inn ads, it looks like it’s finally time to for Stephen to shine – one token at a time, right?!.


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