Angkor what? No, Angkor Wat.

I’ve just discovered this show called ‘How Earth Made Us‘ in which Professor Iain Stewart “tells the epic story of how geology, geography and climate have influenced mankind. In this particuar episode (3 out of 5), he goes about showing how water has been central to human existence.

He talked about this place called Angkor in Combodia’s Siem Reap province, where the Khmer people built a system of temples, structures and sculptures, including these ridiculosly large moats to store water. The above shows the principle temple of the Angkorian region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site… The temple of Angkor Wat.

In case you’re curious, it’s on BBC 2, Tuesday night @ 9pm or on the BBC iPlayer.

I also found some pretty cool photos of the place herehere and here. I’m sure if you browse around you’ll find better ones like this 360 x 360 panoromic view tool that allows you to tour different areas of the temple through 360 degree photos.

And if you’re really mad about your info you can read the wikipedia entry or download this translation of Maurice Glaize’s popular and definitive 1944 guide to the Angkor Monuments.


2 thoughts on “things that caught my eye today…

  1. Jeeez yes B!!! Blogging and all sorts, nice one bruvaaa!! I caught that programme as well, it was pretty damn good!! If only the 4 years spent @ uni studying geology could’ve been that entertaning. This is a good look tho, for sure!! I clicked the “notify me of new posts via email” option, so keep blogging!!

  2. Safe brotha… thanks for the comment!!! You never know… if you get yo shit together, you could be doing some of these programs your damn self… I’ll be telling my kids, I went to school with that man. Anyway, I’m working on some new content so watch this space!

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