Finally, the tournament has kicked off (11th June); unfortunately I had to spend the day (and night) travelling and only caught the second half of the South Africa vs Mexico opener whilst waiting for my connecting flight home… as it turns out Bafana Bafana exceeded all expectations and delivered a thrilling draw for the fans – with Simphiwe Tshabala scoring the first goal for the team and, of the tournament.

Heathrow was mobbed with the fuzz – all British fans were being scanned, profiled and filtered… No hooligans! I must say though, I’ve never been on a plane before with so many men onboard, but you could sense the excitement on every passengers’ face.

Arrived in Joburg (12th June) – had a full South African breakfast at Mugg & Bean then off home. The journey from the airport was awesome; flags lined the highway all the way to Sandton, caught a glimpse of the Gautrain in all it’s glory, and with all the new developments… I hardly recognised anything. With Argentina vs Nigeria and England vs USA in town, traffic was ridiculous as hordes of people headed for Ellis Park, Rustenburg and the Fan Fests. We eventually passed by the butchery and the liquor store on our way home and launched into our first match viewing and my mom’s birthday celebration.


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