St Andrews Cathedral by bspoke_snaps
St Andrews Cathedral, a photo by bspoke_snaps on Flickr.

Yes, it’s another one from the archives. This is a photo I took at the “entrance” of the St. Andrews Cathedral ruins – in St. Andrews, Scotland… duh!

Not sure if it counts as two subjects as essentially we are looking at 2 parts of the same building. However, I quite liked how the archway (1st subject) frames the towers (2nd subject) at the other end of the site.

Well, what do ya’ll think?


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. @Northern… one of my challenges for the day was to get shots that were naturally framed by other subjects. Thanks for the comment btw, much appreciated!

    • Catching up with friends for a week – was great not working! Not bad thanks, will have done a year at RedZebra in July, time has flown past.

      Keep up with your updates!

      • Good to hear you’re well… and yes, time has flown past. Glad you enjoying the updates, trying to keep the momentum going – positive comments do help!

        Cheers 😉

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