tap dance sailors by bspoke_snaps
tap dance sailors, a photo by bspoke_snaps on Flickr.

Okay, so I’m a bit late with this week’s challenge but “better late than never” right? To be honest, I have been slightly busy and lacking inspiration in other areas. However, I did have the challenge in the back of my mind…

Yesterday, I finally got out and about – there I was gift shopping at the mall when suddenly I bumped into this beautiful couple tap dancing away. It was for some make up promotion but I wasn’t the target market so nobody (sales people or otherwise) disturbed me as I waited for the perfect moment to snap.

Eventually the two stopped to take a break and after sweet-talking the young lady to give me an impromptu dance lesson, I managed to get the couple to pose. Ye and behold my photo for ‘today’… well, yesterday if you want to be fussy about it!


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