Hip Hop Mixtape CD Invitation

Hip Hop Mixtape CD Invitation

This year, I was tasked with organising my sister’s 8th birthday party – a task which at first I imagined would be a piece of cake… no pun intended. Regardless, it turned into a mammoth task and as much as I enjoyed planning it, I shed blood, sweat and tears to ensure everything ran like clockwork come the day of the party.

One of my early challenges was inviting all the kids and then extracting timely responses from the parents. I figured the clever thing to do was get an idea of numbers first, I’d then be able to work backwards to find a suitably sized/equipped venue and to accurately order catering and entertainment – which was being billed per head. So I sent an email to all the parents explaining myself and promised to send further details once they had been confirmed.

While waiting for responses, my sister and I decided that we’d go with a hip hop inspired dance theme. In doing my research, I came across a blog article by a lady who’d created ‘faux’ CD invites for her kid’s birthday party… I thought “I can go one up on that”… and I did. After spending a quiet Sunday afternoon sifting through my muisc collection for age-appropriate hip hop, I managed to produce ‘real’ mixtape CD invites complete with CD label (and tracklisting on request).

We used a white wall as a backdrop for a dance inspired photo shoot … some quick photoshop editing produced a cutout for us to use on the CD design – which itself was completed by adding party details (venue, time, etc). And what a success it was, perfectly set the scene!


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