This week’s challenge is to share something that means inside to me! As it is “winter” here in Johannesburg, I’ve been spending a lot of time inside… unfortunately, this means I’ve become bored of inside and my curiosity mostly lies outside instead. As such, my entries for the theme take inspiration from past experiences that I’ve had outside… outside the house at least!

For example, there was this big head sculpture that I saw sitting inside the shark tank at London Aquarium.

Inside the aquarium

Or, this picture of the – not so enclosed – inside of a pedal car we built at work for the charitable Ellon Pedal Car Championship.

Inside the pedal car

Inside the pedal car

And these protective foam inserts for a very fancy, very expensive, and very Italian tool kit from Beta Tools.

Inside the toolbox

Inside the toolbox

Finally, the inside of a well at the St. Andrews Cathedral ruins in bonny Scotland… one of the more artistic photos I’ve taken!

Inside the well

Inside the well


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Hey Rachael, thanks for the comment. And yes, I would love a little adventure to Easter Island, the tank doesn’t quite do it justice… is that an invitation?

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