A purple flower

A purple flower

I really tried my best to find something purple that wasn’t a flower… clothes, shoes, food, drinks, animals, birds, and all sorts of things. The inspiration, however, was simply not forthcoming. In the end, it was almost inevitable that it was going to be a flower. But why not, right? God blessed us with a wide spectrum of colours in the natural world – none more so colourful as the myriad of petals, leaves and stems that surrond us in our gardens, parks and greater outdoors. That funny (or sad) thing is I don’t even know what the flower is called… if anyone does, I’m curious to know – so DO share.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

  1. Thanks for stopping by our site and “liking” our work. I found yours to be very good. You have some very beautiful photographs. Perhaps we can be an inspiration to each other….

  2. Hey L & L, thanks for the kinsd words. I enjoyed your blog too and have joined your family of followers. I don’t see why we can’t draw inspiration from each other’s work but I must warn that i’m no professional, yet.

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