3 little mushrooms

We never – as individuals / as a collective – stop growing in knowledge… and for some, wisdom as well. I pondered upon this challenge for a hot minute, looking at other posts for inspiration and – as ever – tried to avoid the obvious ideas i.e. plants, children, etc.

That was hard, so I looked to myself… to the things that were developing in my life. I saw career growth, possibly education growth (in the pipeline), and I also saw growth in faith. I could’ve looked for an image to represent these aspects of my life but in the end it was all too deep for my liking.

So there I was back at square one, and posting a picture of these three little mushrooms growing on the golf course in Newburgh-on-Ythan, Scotland. Needless to say they probably didn’t survive very long – most likely trampled on or decapitated on some golfer’s downswing.


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