Waste not, want not

I had a discussion with a colleague just last week, and the conversation was around what motivates us as people to be or to do the best we can; to care about anything and everything; to look after each other, and the environment we live and work in. Although we eventually agreed to disagree on several points, we did agree that the key ingredient to us demonstrating these positive qualities was personal ownership. Simple right? Surely when you own something or have the perception of possession, you start to want the best for it, you start to care for it, you look after it and do what you can to make other behave accordingly.

Perhaps I’m drifting slightly off topic but I believe it fits with this weeks challenge. The boy pictured here had a birthday party, when the piñata came out, he immediately assumed ownership and when “his” piñata burst, he wanted to claim “his” sweets, regardless of who else had an interest.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Once we were kids and I can totally relate but now that we’re adults, we realize that we can’t have everything and that we don’t always get what we want. Thanks for sharing something that gives us a positive learning. Great post.

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