Rain Spider / Huntsman Spider

Rain Spider / Huntsman Spider

I have several phobias relating to various insects and reptiles… particularly those that find their way into the house and settle there for the summer months.

The trend seems to be, the mosquitos and flies come first… pretty much as soon as spring arrives with the sunshine and rain. This is closely followed by the arrival of the spiders which prey on them, and before you know it, the not so little house geckos/lizards come to join the party. Once that food chain is complete, populations grow, the creatures themselves grow… and, ultimately, the frights and screams grow.

Now, although it’s still early in the season, I came across this BIG SPIDER creeping around outside our kitchen. A mad frenzy ensued, where all windows and doors in the vicinity were shut and double-checked. I managed to resist the temptation of smashing the poor spider with my shoe – instead, opting to pray it doesn’t find a way in.

I wish I had the guts to put in in my hand so you could get a sense of just how BIG it was but on this occassion, you’ll just have to beleive me.


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