OK, so I haven’t done a writing challenge in yonks… don’t judge me! I might just revisit some of the more interesting topics… some day, one day! The ‘Mind the Gap’ challenge asks our opinions about a divisive issue… divisive? Yip di·vi·sive /diˈvīsiv/ – an adjective that’s defined as tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people.

So here’s the issue: “How do you feel about children in adult-orientated places?”

I think the most fitting statement here is “there’s a time and place for everything”. There are certain times when it’s ok to take little people along to adult-orientated places (whatever that means) – for example, to a restaurant – during the day or early evening. What’s not cool is kids running around the place, making a scene when I’m just trying to enjoy a quiet meal in good company.

But there’s an issue that I’d like to bring light to, which I feel is entirely inappropriate. I live a stones throw away from Montecasino, Fourways, Johannesburg and I often visit the venue to catch a flick (movies: another place where kids shouldn’t be after certain hours of the day #justsaying), to chow, to shop, etc. What really grates me is the number of kids I see sitting (sometimes sleeping) on the benches just outside the casino entrance, waiting for their parents to emerge from their shameless adventures amongst the slots and tables. In this case it’s not the kids’ fault – the parents are well out of line. What’s even more worrying is that this is a global phenomenon… kids are being abandoned at casinos all the time – by parents who are addicted to gambling. Some voices say at least they aren’t being locked in the car or at home/hotel room. But really?

Again, “there’s a time and place for everything”. A night at the casino is neither the time nor the place!


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