Yip, it’s been a minute since I last graced the WWW with my musings (be it verbal or photographic). To be honest every time I see an update from the numerous blogs that I follow, I’m suddenly taken over by an immense feeling of guilt… I know, there’s no need, but that’s the way it is.

Of course there’s no point in posting for the sake of posting… just because I’m a chatty man, it doesn’t mean that I always have something to say. However, today I decided that I need to get back in the game. I must admit it’s going to be a crawl back in rather than a hop, skip or a jump – but at least I can announce that my days of squatting are over and hopefully my new found passion for blogtrotting will provide the inspiration I need to chat freely again.

Unfortunately, it also means some spring cleaning is in order… I DO need to find like minded people to follow, blogs that will broaden my thinking, stories and photos that will make me say “wow”, etcetera, etcetera. That said, there will be some blogs I’ll be saying goodbye to… don’t take it personal, the reality is I end up liking some posts just so you know I haven’t forgotten you – and you don’t want that… you want your followers to be genuinely engaged with your blog and I expect the same too.

OK, I’m starting to waffle… ’til the next post… take care!


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