So… earlier this year I bought me and my girlfriend a pair of tickets for the R Kelly Single Ladies Tour to South Africa. There was no hiding her level of excitement at the prospect of seeing one of her all time favourite artists live in concert in our own back yard.

Now imagine her reaction when she discovered or rather when I announced that I had ‘misplaced’ our tickets. Yes, the concert got postponed and the non-event slipped into the back of my mind BUT as the new date was promoted, the subject was raised and I was exposed. I searched high and low to no avail before caving in and contacting Computicket. The initial feedback was that I’d have to send in a police affidavit along with ID and so on and so on… I promised to take care of it right away but laziness and procrastination crept in.

With only a few weeks, maybe a month to go, I revisted the situation. In fact, it was only yesterday that I emailed the call centre and today the response had a completely different tone… a new reference number was issued and I rushed to collect the tickets – major brownie points restored 🙂


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