I must say, I’ve never been one for frequenting galleries, art events, exhibitions, etc. But when the invite came through to attend the launch of the 2013 Absa L’Atelier exhibition and awards ceremony, I had to satisfy my curiosity.

I’ll be honest, most of the more “abstract” artwork went right over my head. I naturally levitated towards the more photographic inspired pieces, and it took me the best part of 30 minutes to digest them all before moving onto casual conversation, wine and canapes. Dinner was also awesome but it was served in these tiny bowls and I was forced to go back for seconds and thirds just to satisfy my man-sized hunger.

My funny story for the evening show’s just how little I know about these type of nights out. This is how it goes… the plan (my plan) was to document the evening for my blog. I charged my camera battery overnight and cleared the memory card to ensure I could capture everything. Got up the next morning, packed my camera and completely forgot to remove the battery from the charger. When we arrived at the event, my girlfriend gave a word of caution, so I left my camera in the car whilst we went in to scout what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. When I discovered that there was an army of happy snappers just like me, I returned for my camera – only to discover that it wouldn’t power up. So, back in I went… my expression must’ve told the whole story because me and the significant other simply burst into laughter at my epic fail.

Luckily, my friend Paula covered the artwork more successfully on her blog ‘Teapot Traditional’. She even was kind enough to take a photo of us.



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