Hello and welcome to the b spoke blog…

I am Brian a.ka. ‘B’, a native of Zimbabwe; although, my travels have taken me as close as Botswana and South Africa (where I now reside), and, as far as the North of Scotland (where I attended University and began my career). Although, I now call Southern Africa home again, I recently spent a good chunk of my life living and working in Aberdeen, Scotland – I guess now I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for the wee city.

My personal interests lie in poetry and/or spoken word, music, literature, cooking, film and photography. I enjoy writing from time to time…  often just scribbling and doodling really; poetry, rhymes, … whatever is on my mind, i just write what I like (hence, this blog).

As opposed to my usual forays into social networking via Bebo-then-MySpace-now-Facebook, this blog is a collection of random feedback from events in my life, certain topical issues, and even some book/film/music reviews thrown in – because I have an opinion about these things too you know. It is a window into my hobbies, my travels, and just the things I enjoy.

I must confess, I’m also a sports fanatic –  football is my game of choice – and I’m a Gooner for life!